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History of Company

ASADEEP FURNISHING Established in 1979 by the owner named honorable Mr. Mahesh Gupta, proudly introduce ourselves as one of the fastest growing manufacturers and suppliers of Furnishing Fabrics. For us, we have got great respect for the infrastructure facilities which is our weaving units, of our made fabrics among all the fastening product of our country.

We believes that in the days leading up to that time, Asadeep is a huge name, fame, brand and power, as we started our business in very small scale but now it is an exporter and importer among different countries. Our main motto is to provide beautiful and pure collection to our vendee.

Asadeep is world’s largest maker and collaborating Industry manufacturing all type of fabrics with keen eye using pure material, none of any materials fined which have impurities. We make sure all the related particles while manufacturing it. These fabric are accouterment with mixing by twisting them together making yarn. The yarn are interlaced, crochet or they iron onto the fabric.

Endorsed by industry experience of Forty years, we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Fabrics. Our products are specialized well known for its softness and smooth finishing. We have several variety of design and textures available in our firm. We have experts to making products with latest trendy designs and textures, who make products by analyzing everything. This procedure make us gain a huge clientele in the market. Our team members are hardworking and efficient, they work round the clock to achieve the set targets. All of our expertise are well educated and stamina to complete the need of our vendee. There is also a quality controlling unit, which keeps a strict manifestation on the quality of the yarn used to manufacture the fabrics.

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Sofa Fabric, Manufacturer Supplier in India | Asadeep Furnishing Private Limited

A sofa could be a place to sit and calm down during watching TV or a place which makes relaxed seating for your guests, also an extended upholstered seat with both arms and a back made with materials include fabric, webbing, padding and springs that manufacture with soft coverings of chairs, sofas, and other furniture. It would be manufactured in different designs as per needs of clients. First of all, creating fabric is yarn production in which essential raw materials that must needed for manufacture of fabrics, have been harvested and processed are transformed from raw fibers into yarn and outfit and the process of union the yarn together is called weaving. Weaving is completed on a machine well-known as a loom and necessitates two sets of yarn. After process of fabrics, there are number of things to think about while manufacturing sofa including the size, shape, designs and the number of cushions. Sofas normally come in three major sizes as full sofa size is 84 in (2.13 m) wide and smaller versions like the two-seater and love seat variety between 60-80 in (1.52-2.03 m). The design of a sofa can be familiar to the use that will be ended of it, for example, a deep seat, is first choice for taller people but does not simply put up shorter individuals. A trained labor can take up 250 to 550 hours to make a single sofa. All major part of the sofa will have to have springs attached individually, as well also padded separately. As a result, they are “framed out” with reinforcing slats, arranged around the seat section. If any of the panels and pieces necessitates stitching mutually earlier than attaching to the padded frame, must concentrate it first. This Sofa Materials in India can also be used to add to your kid’s room as well as make your home like well designed with your creative thoughts. We have crop up with an utmost variety of Raw Leather Sofa Fabric and catering to our respected clientele and it makes us top sofa upholstery fabric manufacturers in India.