Fire Retardant Fabric

Fire Retardant Fabric

Fireproof and enlightenment Fabric collection of Fire Retardant

Asadeep Fabrics Company is most popular and fire retardant fabric manufacturers in Delhi  India Firm are making higher range of production of Fire Retardant fabric in variant collection. Basically, the fire retardant fabrics production through chemical treatment or manufactures fireproof fibers to protestant ignition and self-extinguishes when ignited source is removed. These fabrics are available in a variety of colors.

We provide different types of fire retardant fabric in our firm such as Chemical Material retardant fabric, Polyester padding for furniture, Fire retardant for Homo-Polypropylene, Insulation Moisture-proof, Anti-corrosion flame fire retardant, Ammonium polyphosphate fire retardant, Fire retardant fabric for exterior wall panel.


  • 100 % Polyester Fabric
  • Fire retardant 
  • Panel Projects Fabrics
  • Uses for upholstery Sofa Fabrics, Curtain fabric
  • Uses fo all Furnishing Fabrics
  • Professional cleaning is recommended 


Supplying enormously tempted Fire Retardant Fabrics Collection

The base fabric of these fire retardant fabrics is made of Technology that means oxidized filament blend of yarns. Asadeep Fabric company which most cromlech and eminent company to procurement supplying of various collection Fire Retardant Fabric in Delhi India. In addition to offertory a permanent flame retardant function, these fabrics undergo complete carbonization process and will never melt or leakage during burning. The propensity of secondary injury to the human body is thus greatly reduced. These fire retardant fabrics are suitable for work wear and protective apparel.

We supplying in a big dealing such as Heat insulation foam coated Aluminum fire retardant, Natural magnesium hydroxide brucite for circuit board fire retardant fabrics, Water wave grain for decoration, and Fire retardant plastic additives hydrotalcite with high purity.

Durable and fine resistant from fire.

The technique used in it by knitted method.

Maintained by professionally cleaning process.

We also provide related product on the order of our customers. Fire-Retardant Finish with the following Standard :

BS EN 1021-1:1994 (Cigarette)

BS 7176:1995 (Low Hazzard)

NFPA701 already passed